Trademail: Send BSV to USDC/USDT/BTC addressSwitching from BSV to USDC or USDT or BTC is as easy as using any Bitcoin wallet (Moneybutton, RelayX, HandCash, SimplyCash, Centbee, Volt, Dot) to send to [yourusdcaddress]@usdcpaymail.com. Works for @btcpaymail.com and @usdtpaymail.com too. Trademail works just like Paymail. Fees: ~1.25% + $1 Speed: Within a minute Share the news with your followers and earn 7 cents per click!

Loading: https://medium.com/@relayx/introducing-trademail-a-paymail-extension-for-sending-across-chains-2e4eadfbd765